Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are your 9-Hour Energy products for teenagers between 14-17 to consume?

Our products are whole food based products that contain natural energizing ingredients.  While it is completely safe for most people to consume, we do not recommend consumption by anyone under the age of 18  years old without consultation with their health professional.

Do your capsulated products contain any synthetic components?

Many capsules available in stores are sold as a health supplement, but are actually made from synthetic and man-made chemicals. Do your capsules contain any synthetic components?

At Rezealiant Living, our products are all-natural and blended with only the finest quality ingredients. Our capsules do NOT contain isolated, synthetic, or inorganic vitamins and minerals.

What is the ingredient called Chad de Bugre?

Chad de Bugre (Cordia Salicifolia - also called Cha' de bugre) is a native plant of Brazil that produces a fruit much like a coffee cherry. Chad de Bugre is a source of naturally occurring caffeine, potassium, allantoin and allantoic acid.

Is Guarana Seed Extract considered a stimulant?

Yes, Guarana contains naturally occurring Guaraneine, which is similar to caffeine.

Are ALL of Rezealiant Living products Kosher Certified?

At this point, we are not 100% certain that we will be able to meet the requirements for Kosher Certification, due to the probiotics and enzyme ingredients.  However, we are working to obtain that certification for specific products and the Rezealiant Living products that are Kosher Certified are labeled.

Are ALL of the ingredients in Rezealiant Living Products Certified Organic?

As often as possible, we try to utilize organic ingredients in our product blends. Because of the extensive variety of produce and fruits we use in our blends, it is not always possible to acquire everything in certified organic. We do carefully scrutinize our sources to make sure we are getting the highest quality and freshest possible produce available. We continue our ongoing efforts to increase the Certified Organic ingredients in Living Feast and other Rezealiant Living Products.

Is Living Feast bad for the digestive system?

I've heard that eating fruits and vegetables together can be bad for the digestive system. Since you have both in the Living Feast, will I experience any problems with my digestive system?

There is no reason that we are aware of that will cause any problems. Our products are all natural whole food concentrates, with no synthetic additives or preservatives. We have received no complaints indicating any digestive system concerns. The products are combined in synergistic formulations that allow ingredients to work together.

Are the grains in Living Feast sprouted or soaked?

The Flax, Chia and Pumpkin are NOT sprouted. The Barley, Wheat, Oat and Alfalfa are grass juice powders. There are no sprouted grains in the product.

What are the tiny particles in my mixed Living Feast?

When I drink my Living Feast I sometimes notice some very tiny particles. I realize this must be the whole food ingredients. Are these desirable, or should I try to filter them out when I mix my Living Feast?

Living Feast is formulated and created using fresh produce. The particles are bits of the active ingredients in the product, much like pieces of pulp in some orange juices. It is part of the value of the product and should be consumed.

Is Living Feast Vegetarian or Vegan?

Living Feast is Vegetarian. However, due to the probiotic ingredient blend, there may be some questions as to whether some people will consider them Vegan.

Can Living Feast be given to my pets?

There should be no reason why you can't. Living Feast is a whole food based product, so we believe pets should be able to consume our product. However, we certainly would recommend you speak with your Veterinarian prior to supplementing your pet's diet.

Do I need additional supplementation if I take your products?

We have heard that some people push to consume larger quantities of certain nutrients to experience specific results.  If we are unaware of the ingredient amounts, how can we know whether we need additional product supplementation?

Most health and nutrition experts agree and are now pushing the need for consuming a good variety of whole food nutrients, and using a balanced approach. We support that view and formulate our products with a focus on the Quality, Variety and the important total amount of whole food based ingredients in each of our blends. You will not find a higher quality, nutrient-dense, product than the ones that are offered through Rezealiant Living. We strongly recommend that you order our products and try them for yourself - risk free. We believe you will notice the difference. We do not want people to focus on the amount of each ingredient they are getting, but rather on the quality, variety and total amount of whole food concentrates and the health benefits that can be experienced.

How much of each ingredient is in Living Feast?

The Rezealiant Living formulations are proprietary and exclusive to our Company. We do not list the amounts of individual ingredients to protect our formulas and maintain our proprietary blends. We do, however, list the ingredients in the order of quantity (from largest to smallest).

Will reaching 200 degrees on a delivery truck affect the ingredients of the product?

"It is my understanding that your drying process does not heat the ingredients above 106 degrees.  What keeps heat from affecting and breaking down the live ingredients in the products if it gets to 200 degrees on a delivery truck (causing the product to harden)?"

Our product is so alive that the sugars will begin to harden around 120F. Because the product is in a powder form the chemistry is very stable, there is little nutritional degradation at 120F. The product would suffer greater nutritional loss at 200F. If the product reached temperatures anywhere near 200F it would in essence be cooked and would be very noticeable by the distinct darkening of color, by the smell and taste. It would no longer look, smell, or taste like our fresh powders. The bottle and box packaging also help to protect the powders from the slight delivery heat.

What is the reason for the added enzymes?

The proprietary drying process we use (PhytoLive Dehydration™) preserves the highest nutritional integrity (including enzymes) of any drying process in the world. Even though we know that the live enzymes and micro organisms (probiotics) are preserved in our product, we realize that with today's typical diet and lifestyle, many people consume higher amounts of lifeless and nutrition depleted foods. We need more enzymes than what occur naturally in the fruits and vegetables in order to help our bodies maintain a healthy digestive system.

What is the source of the probiotics found in Living Feast?

The probiotics in Living Feast are from multiple sources - naturally occurring and fermentation processes in different bases of dairy and vegetation.

What is the source of the probiotics found in Living Feast?

The probiotics in Living Feast are from multiple sources - naturally occurring and fermentation processes in different bases of dairy and vegetation.

Can I cancel or edit my monthly Autoship?

Yes, you can cancel or edit your monthly subscription via your Distributor Center. 
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• Click "Autoship Manager" under Tools in the left-hand column
• Edit or Cancel according to your needs
• If you run into any issues or snags, please contact us

What are your corporate hours of operation?

The Rezealiant Living Corporate Office is open during the following hours:

Monday through Friday 9AM - 5:00PM MST*.

We are closed most holidays.

You may place orders through the Rezealiant Living shopping cart 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

*These hours for Customer Service are subject to change at the discretion of the Corporate Leadership.

Why does Rezealiant Living use Network Marketing to distribute its product?

Rezealiant Living actually implements a unique marketing structure that is not strictly in the field of network marketing.  People who decide to register for the Rezealiant Financial Freedom Plan have the option to sign up as an Affiliate or a Distributor.  There are certainly benefits to joining as a Distributor, but because it is not solely a Network Marketing opportunity, customers of our excellent products can naturally transition into sharing our products and can ultimately excel at a pace they desire.

Network Marketing is the action of bringing exciting products directly to the people who need them faster than any other sales or marketing method. It is the purest form of person-to-person selling, which benefits everyone involved. Our Rezealiant Living Distributors are a group of dynamic goal and health-minded people sharing the exciting health and financial benefits that our whole food products can provide. Rezealiant Living's use of Network Marketing allows us to sell innovative, quality products to the market at a better value. The Rezealiant Financial Freedom Plan is right for everyone.

How do I contact the Rezealiant Living Corporate Offices?

Customer Service: 435-238-4300
Fax: 435-572-4339

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