Rezealiant Living is a dynamic family-owned company located in Cedar City, Utah.   This pristine area is home to our Corporate Offices, growing, processing, packaging and shipping facilities.

We support our customers by providing life-enhancing wholesome products, and superior customer service.  We measure our success by the lives we positively impact every day.  Our core Company values are evident as we share our ReZealiant Living Vision in every facet of our operations.

Rezealiant Living is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative nutritional products with a special emphasis on superior live and raw whole food nutrition products. 

For over two decades, the Owner of Rezealiant Living, Uri LeBaron, has passionately pursued the perfection of a proprietary and revolutionary drying technology called PhytoLive Dehydration™.  This unique drying process preserves the nutritional integrity of fresh, live, raw whole foods, which enables us to provide the highest quality and value to our customers.

Rezealiant Living was created to provide a way for millions of people all over the world to enjoy and experience optimal abundant health and a vibrant Rezealiant Lifestyle – by consuming live whole food nutrition products.

It's What Every BODY Deserves!