Targeted Results to Achieve Maximum Health

Your body is like a machine that if not properly maintained can break down. It is vitally important to regularly maintain this machine so it functions with optimum efficiency. When our body is weakened from an improper diet & lack of nutritional support it does not have the strength to heal itself properly or fight off sickness and disease. Your goal should be for your body to have nutritional balance and strength. Their are 80 different auto immune disorders and diseases. Sometimes when your body is weakened your immune system becomes your enemy instead of your protector. It will actually mistaken your body for antigens (toxins, bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, and blood or tissue from another person or species). When this takes place your immune system produces antibodies that destroy what it believes are harmful substances, but is in reality healthy tissue. You can maintain and increase the bodies ability to fight disease with the proper minerals, trace elements, bio-nutrients and active compounds that strengthen the immune system, bone, joint, ligament, cartilage and muscle structure.

The Power of Probiotics

Your body also produces healthy bacteria that allows your digestive system to function properly. Antibiotic therapy for sicknesses, such as strep throat, can reduce immune system activity as a result of killing off the normal gut bacteria. This leads to an increase of bad bacteria which causes severe diarrhea and intestinal inflammation. Probiotics improve your bodies immune function by introducing "good" bacteria into the gut which helps your body react more quickly to new infections. Probiotics are a live microbial feed supplement which beneficially effects your intestines by improving microbial balance. Probiotics are known to help lactose intolerance, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation in the intestines, increase skin health and can synthesize vitamins like B12.